Frequently asked questions about our DJ studios.

  • Start-up configuration for the CDJ-3000 and DJM set


    1. Make sure your CDJ and DJM are switched on (rear control).
    2. Check that the CDJ audio outputs are connected to the DJM 'Line In' input (channel 2 and channel 3) using the red and white RCA cables.
    3. Set the DJM output channels to 'Line' mode.
    4. Set the 'Balance' knob to the center position (12h) for a balanced output level.
    5. Adjust the 'Trim' knob of each channel so that the signal does not exceed 0, to prevent distortion.
    6. Gradually increase the master to send sound to the fronts.

  • What is the size, equipment and design of DJ studios?

    Every DJ studio at Plug The Jack is equipped with the very best in DJ equipment. The equipment, the incredible acoustics and the light show have been designed to provide a stunning experience and allow you to work your sets in the best conditions. Each studio is equipped with the following DJ equipment:

    • 2 Pioneer CDJ-3000 professional multi-format DJ players
    • 1 Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 professional mixing console
    • 2 Pioneer 12" New Gen speakers or equivalent.

  • Maximum capacity/occupancy of DJ studios?

    Our DJ studios are designed for a maximum capacity of 5 people. For your own safety, please do not accommodate more than 5 people in a recording studio. Failure to comply with the maximum capacity allowed is a breach of our terms and conditions and may result in account suspension and a fine.

  • Before your session and what to bring?

    We do not provide a computer. Bring your own laptop or USB stick/tablet with your tracks and headphones with a big jack adapter. If you need it on your computer, don't forget to bring your usb hub (to have 2 ports minimum).

  • Required drivers and applications to install?

    Before you start your session and if you are working with your computer, make sure you have installed the necessary drivers to recognise the Pioneer hardware (CDJ-3000) and that you have the Recordbox software.

  • How to record you session directly on your laptop

    To record your session you need to: 

    1) Install the driver DJM Nexus from Pionneer before your session on your laptop
    2) connect the usb cable from the DJM to your laptop
    3) open your daw (audacity, reaper, abbelton…) - arm a recording track
    4) go to préférence system Audio and select the DJM pilot

  • How to stream or record your DJ session at Plug The Jack?

    At Plug The Jack, we've equipped some of our studios with the DJM-A9 and DJM-900 NX2 mixers: some serious gear! Thanks to Pioneer's DJM-REC application, you can broadcast live on the platforms of your choice or simply record your mix in professional quality. However, it should be noted that this application is only available on iOS (Apple and iPad). The app is free for the first 30 days, then costs around €10 for lifetime use.

    You can also film your session with your camera or your phone. To organise your broadcast, software such as OBS is very useful, allowing you to choose your sound and image sources. Don't hesitate to consult the many tutorials available on the web to guide you through this process. Enjoy your session.

  • Need help or advice during your session?

    At Plug The Jack we do not offer courses or lessons. We let you progress at your own pace when it comes to using the equipment we provide, as learning is part of the creative process. There are many tutorials on the internet to help you with hardware/software and production techniques.