Frequently asked questions about our podcast studios.

  • What is the size, equipment & design of a podcast studio?

    A podcast studio is approximately 12 m2 and the entire environment and design has been designed to allow for total immersion during your podcast sessions.

    The intensity of the lighting in your studio and the temperature of the air conditioning can be adjusted to your liking. Each podcast studio is equipped with 4 leather seats arranged around a podcast desk with 4 microphones and podcast headphones.

  • Maximum capacity of our podcast studios?

    Our podcast studios are equipped for 4 podcaters and have a maximum capacity of 6 people. For your own safety, please do not accommodate more than 6 people in a recording studio. Failure to comply with the maximum permitted capacity is a violation of our terms and conditions and may result in account suspension and a fine.

  • Before your podcast session and what to bring?

    We do not provide a computer or memory card. Make sure you bring your own laptop (including power supply and mouse if necessary) with your DAW (audio software) or alternatively your micro-SD card (empty).

    We suggest you use one of these DAWs: Reaper, Ableton, LogicPro garage band, Audition, Protools.

    If you are using a computer, before you start your sessions, make sure you install the Rodecaster pro companion application by following this link and the ASIO drivers.

    If you wish to record using the USB multitrack channel, remember to enable the option in the settings menu of the Rodecaster mixing console (on the Rodecaster screen, follow the path settings/advanced/audio/multitrack/usb and select it to enable). 

    Our podcast desks are fully equipped with 4 Sure MV7 professional microphones, 4 Beyerdynamic headphones and a Rodecaster pro mixing console. We provide all cables to/from the microphones/console. You will also have access to many power supply options.

  • Need advice during your podcast session?

    Plug The Jack does not offer courses or lessons and we leave it up to you when it comes to using the materials we provide, as learning is part of the creative process. There are plenty of tutorials on the web to help you out if necessary. 

  • How do I adjust the compression and noise gate on the Rodecaster Pro?

    To fine-tune these settings, you must first activate the effects by following the path settings/ advanced/ audio/ activate effects.

    Then select the track you want to configure (press the button above the track) and you will be able to change the noise gate and compression settings.

  • How to record multi-track with the Rodecaster pro

    On the Rodecaster Pro screen, press the cogwheel (settings) then Advanced then audio then multi track and activate microSD and USB.

    If you are recording to a microSD card, the recorded file will be a single file in polywav format. This file can then be imported to your computer either using the Rodecaster's "Podcast Transfer" option or by inserting the microSD card into your computer.

    Depending on your audio software, either this file will automatically open 14 different tracks, or you will have to select the file and apply a process (explode) to the file to get the 14 different tracks. We suggest you check Chatgpt or google to find out how to split a polywav file with your particular software.

    If you are recording directly with your software by connecting your computer with the USB cable attached to the Rodecaster Pro, make sure you have installed the necessary ASIO drivers so that your computer recognises the Rodecaster Pro. In this case, select the Rodecaster Multichannel in the inputs and outputs of your software and the corresponding ASIO. For more information and specific advice on different audio software, please follow this link 

  • How to record files longer than 30 minutes ? (Micro-SD)

    The RoDecaster Pro automatically records 30-minute files to prevent data loss in case of power failure or device malfunction. However, you can change this setting by following these steps:

    1. Turn on your RoDecaster Pro and connect it to your computer via USB.

    2. Open the Rode Connect application on your computer.

    3. Select the "Device Settings" tab in the application.

    4. In the "Recording" section, you will find the "File Length" option. Select "Continuous" to record a single continuous file.

    5. Click "Save" to save the changes.

    After performing these steps, your RoDecaster Pro will record audio files continuously without dividing them into 30-minute segments. Please note that this may increase the risk of data loss in case of power failure or device malfunction, so it is important to regularly back up your recordings.