Every voice deserves to be heard

Affordable Rehearsal and recording studios

A place for music lovers to create and collaborate

Music is a powerful tool that brings us all together. When you love music, you're passionate about it, and it never leaves your DNA.

That's precisely why we've created this unique place in Belgium: professional-quality, self-service studios at prices accessible to all musicians.

Singer and guitarist in music studio for recording session. | © Plug The Jack

Fully equipped rehearsal studios

Rent your own rehearsal studio for your solo sessions or to rehearse with your band. Each studio is equipped with a complete drum kit with cymbals, guitar and bass amps, microphones, a stage keyboard and a full sound system.

Discover our Rehearsal Studios.

Rehearsal room seen in its entirety, with a complete drum kit in the center, a bass amp, a guitar amp and a mixer along the walls, and a Persian rug on the floor. | © Plug The Jack

Self-service recording studios

Book your self-service recording studio with a production control room and a vocal recording booth. With professional acoustics and equipment at your disposal (Focusrite Clarett+ 4Pre, Focal monitors, etc.), all you have to do is bring your computer and plug in to create or work on your tracks.

Discover our Recording Studios.

Plug The Jack's recording studio with audio setup and vocal booth. | © Plug The Jack

DJ studios to mix with CDJ-3000

Book your own private DJ studio and mix with the Pioneer equipment of your dreams. Each studio is equipped with Pioneer CDJ-3000 turntables and a DJM-900 NX2 or DJM-A9 mixing console. Practice, sharpen your mixes and polish your sets without worrying about your neighbours.

Discover our DJ mixing studios.

Plug The Jack DJ studio, CDJ-3000 player, mixing desk, headphones near me. | © Plug The Jack

Podcast recording studios

Podcast studios with professional equipment and exceptional acoustics to record your podcasts in the best possible conditions. Whether you're an expert or a beginner, our studios and equipment are easy to use and accessible to everyone.

Discover our Podcast Recording Studios.

Podcast studio equipped with leather chairs, microphones, and complete setup. | © Plug The Jack

Easily accessible studios to enhance your musical creativity.

Plug The Jack offers music studios that are accessible and open to all, where you can create and share your passion for music!

Book the studio of your choice in just a few clicks and you'll receive an access code that will allow you to enter with complete independence. All you have to do is register on our website.

Bassist entering access code at music studio for recording session. | © Plug The Jack