Drum toms, interior of an equipped rehearsal space, and vintage bass neck. Rehearsal room seen in its entirety, with a complete drum kit in the center, a bass amp, a guitar amp and a mixer along the walls, and a Persian rug on the floor. | © Plug The Jack

Make some noise!

  • Fully self-service, soundproof rehearsal rooms open 7/7
  • Professional PA installation
  • Complete drumkit incl. cymbals and hardware
  • In-house backline consisting of guitar, bass amps and stage piano


Each rehearsal room is equipped with all necessary equipment to plug and play!

  • Professional PA installation with speakers, microphones with stands and a mixing board
  • Complete 5-piece drumkit: Tama Imperial Star incl. cymbals and hardware
  • Guitar amps: Fender Twin Reverb (Tonemaster) and/or Boss Katana 100 MKII
  • Bass amp: Fender Rumble 500 or Fender Rumble 200
  • Stage piano: Yamaha P-145

For more information and a complete description of the available gear, please check the equipment in our rehearsal studios.

Toms of a Tama Imperial Star drum set in a band rehearsal space. | © Plug The Jack


In need of a soundproof rehearsal room for your band or musical project? Simply book a fully equipped rehearsal room at Plug The Jack in Brussels or Antwerp!

Each rehearsal room is equipped with a professional PA installation and a complete backline for an easy plug-and-play experience. Whether you’re a band or a drummer searching for a practice space, Plug The Jack is the place to be to make some noise.

Energetic band rehearsing in a music rehearsal room with bassist, guitarist, and drummer. | © Plug The Jack


We teamed up with our acousticians and sound engineers to design rehearsal rooms with a optimized mix of absorption panels, bass traps and reflective surfaces to create exceptional sound. Don’t worry about loud sessions or angry neighbors, because every room is soundproofed and open from 9 am to 12 pm.


Singer and guitarist in the background in a music rehearsal room. | © Plug The Jack

Get comfortable and let your music speak

Our rehearsal studios are equipped with dimmable lighting, allowing you to control the room's ambiance. During rehearsals, we want you to feel at ease. Each studio has individual heating and air conditioning systems, adjustable to your preference.

If you need a break during your rehearsal sessions, we've got you covered: the central area of our building has a large lobby where you can relax or simply chat with other musicians about your projects or musical journey.

Our rehearsal rooms in Antwerp and in Brussels can accommodate up to 12 people depending on the type of studio you choose.

Aged wood bass against a Fender Rumble 200 amp in a music rehearsal studio. | © Plug The Jack

How to book a rehearsal studio?

To book one of our rehearsal studios, all you need to do is follow the 'book a studio' link at the top of the page and select the type of studio you wish to use, the date, and time of your choice.

If it's your first time booking a studio at Plug The Jack, we'll invite you to create a personal account and have it verified. This step is almost instantaneous and will also allow you to book future sessions with just a few clicks.
Every voice deserves to be heard!

Smartphone displaying online booking of a music rehearsal studio. | © Plug The Jack