Every voice deserves to be heard

Take your recordings to the next level

  • Fully self-service recording & production studios open 7/7
  • Professional recording & mixing equipment
  • High-end acoustic treatment
  • Separate vocal booth
  • Couch & neon lighting

Professional equipment for the best possible recording

Each studio is equipped with industry-standard, professional recording and production materials.

    • Focusrite Clarett+ premium audio interface with four microphone pre-amps
    • SE Electronics 2300 large condenser microphone
    • Shure MV7 dynamic microphone
    • Impulse 61 MIDI keyboard
    • Focal Alpha 65 Evo monitoring speakers
    • Industry-standard Beyerdynamic DT-770 headphones
    • 27” external monitoring screen

    Click here for additional details on the specifics of our recording equipment.

    Sound engineer in front of screen with speakers in recording studio, vocal booth in the background. | © Plug The Jack

    self-service Recording & production studios 

    Voice recordings, rap, trap, hip-hop, RnB, techno, EDM, voice-over, music creation, beatmaking : record and produce your music when and how you want by booking your own studio in our two hubs located in Brussels and Antwerp.

    Our mission at Plug The Jack is to put professional quality production and recording studios within reach of all artists in Belgium. Recording studios can be booked online for the duration of choice and the access to the studio is fully automated. All you need is your computer with an audio editing software (e.g. LogicPro, Reaper, Abelton, Fl Studio ..). The studio is fully equipped and all you have to do is "Plug The Jack" to start recording or producing your tracks!

    Singer in recording studio's vocal booth with microphone and headphones. | © Plug The Jack

    The crucial importance of acoustics in a studio

    As one of the most important elements to take into consideration when recording, mixing and mastering, the acoustics of our recording studios have been attentively optimized with the best sound engineers and to the highest of standards. This is done in order to improve the quality of your recordings and the subtlety of being able to listen back during the mixing and production phases.

    Each studio has its own separate recording vocal booth, communicating directly with the control room. The necessary insulation and acoustic treatment are guaranteed to allow you to work in the best possible conditions and get the most out of your musical productions.


    Urban singer in recording studio's vocal booth with microphone and Beyerdynamic headphones. | © Plug The Jack

    A creative bubble to bring out true talent

    Make yourself comfortable, adjust the lighting and temperature and get inspired!

    Every single recording studio is equipped with a control room and a separate vocal booth for sound recording. Whether recording vocals, working on developing tracks or composing new titles, just bring your laptop and get to work - it's that easy. Get creative and let your imagination run wild during your sessions of writing, composing, recording and arranging. Each studio can accommodate up to 5 people and is equipped with an individually adjustable ventilation and air conditioning system.

    Thanks to our professional recording material and our 27" screens, our productions studios are also perfectly suited for your voice-over work or video editing.


    Sound engineer in front of screen with speakers in recording studio, vocal booth in the background. | © Plug The Jack

    How to book a Recording studio

    To book one of our recording studios, simply follow the link 'Book a studio' and select your preferred location, the time of your choice and the type of studio you wish to use. If this is your first time booking a studio with Plug The Jack, we will invite you to create a personal account and have it verified. This step is instantaneous; it will also allow you to book your future sessions in just a few clicks.

    Help us spread the word: Every voice deserves to be heard!


    Pianist producing music in recording studio with Novation master keyboard and audio production screen. | © Plug The Jack