27 affordable Music studios in Antwerp

Plug The Jack Antwerp : Music studios Where Every Voice Deserves To Be Heard

27 self-service music studios are now accessible to all enthusiasts, and open 7 days a week, in Antwerp. Plug The Jack is located near het MAS, the city center of Antwerp and het Eilandje.

You can book your music studio directly online for one or more hours. Low prices and accessible to all, so that every voice can be heard.

Fully equipped music studios open 7/7

  • 7/7 Open: At Plug The Jack Antwerp, our 27 studios are open every day of the week. Also, easily accessible by public transport, car and bicycle.
  • Accessible to Everyone: Whether you're an experienced professional or just starting, Plug The Jack Antwerp is for all levels.
  • Top-Quality Equipment: We provide high-quality DJ, recording, rehearsal, and podcast materials for every level.
  • Fully Self-service: With your unique access code, you will gain complete control over your studio session.
  • Location in Antwerp: Our studios are really easy to get to with an ideal location near "het Eilandje" and close to the center of Antwerp.

Location in antwerp and How to get to our studios?

  • Our music studios are located at 127 Bredastraat, 2060 Antwerp
  • Located near het Eilandje and close to the center of Antwerp.
  • By car, a stone's throw from the E19 highway, Ring Antwerp exit Deurne (2'), and easily accessible via Slachthuislaan or Noorderlaan (from Antwerp-Center)
  • Easy parking available around at all times
  • By public transportation (De Lijn): Tram 1 stop Ijzerlaan – bus 70 – 72 – 600 – 601 – 602 – 610 - 620
  • By A Velo – Station 175 Asiadok

Plug The Jack Antwerp isn't just a place we picked randomly; it's a strategic choice to establish ourselves near het Eilandje and the city center where creativity and innovation meet in a unique interplay.

The Musical DNA of Plug The Jack

At Plug The Jack, we believe in the power of music as a universal language that tells stories and connects communities. Our DNA is infused with the rich musical history of Antwerp, a city pulsating with artistic diversity.

We embrace and amplify the musical identity of the city, where every genre, every style, and every voice find a place to flourish.

Antwerp provides the perfect backdrop for Plug The Jack. Our mission is intertwined with Antwerp's musical diversity.

Every voice deserves to be heard, and at Plug The Jack, we embrace that diversity as a strength that connects us to the musical heart of the city.

Self-Service Concept: Your Musical Journey

At Plug The Jack, it's all about your musical journey. Our self-service concept is designed to give you the freedom to create on your own terms.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner – you will find the tools to bring your artistic vision to life with us.

Four Types of music Studios for Your Creativity

At Plug The Jack, we offer four types of studios, each tailored to your specific creative needs.

In our Podcast Studios, stories come to life, while Rehearsal studios serve as a breeding ground for gathering and harmony.

The self-service DJ studios are the perfect environment for perfecting your mixes, while our Recording studios provide a professional sounding board for capturing sound at the highest level.

Open 7/7: Your musical Creativity Knows No limits

At Plug The Jack, we understand that creativity knows no office hours. That's why the doors of our studios are open seven days a week.

Your musical inspiration knows no schedule, and we believe you should have the chance to create at any time.

We are here for you, always and everywhere, to give every voice the chance to be heard.

musician raising his finger in the air