General questions about our studios and Plug The Jack

  • I have a problem with my access codes.

    The access codes are time sensitive, which means that they only work at the times corresponding to your booking details (date/time). However, for security reasons, we have established a grace period before/after booking times for the main doors and entrance doors in case, for example, you want to enjoy the lobby after/before your session.

    Be gentle when using the keyboard. If you go too hard or too slow, this can lead to errors and your code will not be recognised correctly. Always start with * and end with #.

    For security reasons, the keypads will lock for 30 seconds (Codelocks) or 5 minutes (PTI) if a wrong combination is entered three times in a row. Wait and try again.

    If for any other reason your access code does not work, contact us by text on our WhatsApp number (0471 89 56 67) and we will help to solve the problem quickly.

  • I have no sound.

    Perhaps a previous occupant disabled the power to the monitors/speakers? Check if the power of the Focal monitors is switched on (check the back of the monitors).

    Check if the mixing console volume levels are properly set and if there is sufficient gain on each channel/input.

    Also check that the audio/XLR/jack cables are correctly connected.

  • There is no light in my studio.

    The lighting comes on automatically but can also be switched off manually. Perhaps a previous user turned it off before leaving or set it to the lowest level. Please try pressing/turning the light knob.

  • The heating/air conditioning does not work properly.

    Prefer automatic mode when using air conditioning or heating (select AUTO function and the desired temperature between 17 and 20°C). Please note that it can take up to 5 minutes for the heating/air conditioning system to start up properly, so be patient and try not to turn the system off too often as this could damage it. When it is a bit cold, remember that occupying the studio heats up the room very quickly.

    Always switch off the heating/conditioning system when you leave the studio.

  • Troubleshooting and problems during your session.

    All our studios must be cleaned and fully operational when you check in and leave after your session. If anything is not working properly or is missing, please contact us immediately to report it using the contact options displayed in your studio.

    Please report any technical, medical or safety issues immediately via our Whatsapp on 0471 89 56 67 for assistance.

  • Something is missing or broken in the studio.

    Please report any shortages, defects or material problems you encounter in your studio as soon as you enter it. This will help us to solve problems and avoid liability. We have a spare parts room (cables and current equipment) and replacement studios if needed. Text us via Whatsapp to 0471 89 56 67 and we will help you resolve the issue quickly.

  • There are no more parking spaces.

    We have a limited number of parking spaces on site. If there is no parking available, there is plenty of parking on the street around the building.

  • Zero tolerance for drugs and prohibited substances.

    We have an absolute zero tolerance for drug use. Anyone using illegal substances or drugs in or around our premises will be immediately and permanently banned from our community. Our surveillance team is on duty 24/7.

  • Where are Plug The Jack studios located?

    Plug The Jack has studios in the city of Brussels and in antwerp.

    Our hub in Brussels is located 81 Tollaan in 1932 Woluwe-saint-Etienne.

    Our hub in Antwerp is located 127 Bredstraat in 2060 Antwerp.

    Soon, other creative hubs will follow across Belgium, ensuring easy access to our studios wherever you are.

  • Is it permitted to film or take photos at Plug The Jack?

    Individual Use: For personal and non-commercial purposes, you are allowed to film or take photographs after making your reservation. However, please adhere to our capacity limits and ensure that any specialized equipment you bring meets our standards. Note that the use of smoke machines is prohibited.

    Professional Use: If your endeavors are commercial in nature (e.g., you're a photographer, videographer, or shooting a video for a signed artist, etc.), please reach out directly to Plug The Jack at Filming, taking photos, or disseminating them for commercial purposes without prior approval from Plug The Jack is strictly forbidden. Rates for using our studios for commercial purposes vary (around 80€/hour) and will be adjusted based on the type of studio and the duration of the rental. This information will be communicated to you via email.