Woman at CDJ-3000 players and couple mixing in DJ recording studio with lights near me. | © Plug The Jack Couple at mixing desk in DJ recording studio, woman with headphones, man watching. | © Plug The Jack

fully equipped
DJ Rooms

CDJ-3000 studio starting 10€/h

Fully equipped DJ rooms in Brussels

Every DJ room at Plug The Jack comes equipped with the very best of what DJ gear has to offer. For instance, have you always wanted to play and mix with the brand new CDJ-3000 form Pioneer? All you need to bring is your laptop or USB and you can start your session as if you were live on stage.

The equipment, the perfect acoustics and the right lighting have all been set up to offer you a breath taking experience and allow you to work on your sets in the best setting. Our DJ rooms are ideal for you to broadcast your live sets from. Just bring your phone or webcam and pump up the volume.

Book your DJ Room in Brussels and enjoy working in the best possible conditions with no sound limitations.

Are you new to DJing? Discover our guide on "How to Become a DJ."




Woman in front of Pioneer CDJ-3000 players in DJ music studio with lights near me. | © Plug The Jack

Boost your Dj sets and mix it up

Our studio set-up will help you to bring the best out of your DJ sets. Every studio comes with the following DJ equipment. Make sure to bring your laptop or USB stick as well as your own headphones.

- Professional DJ Multiplayers: 2x Pioneer CDJ-3000
- Professional Channel Mixer: Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 or  NXS2
- PA Speakers: Pioneer 12" New Gen

Click here for more specifics on the equipment of our DJ studios.

Man in DJ studio room with CDJ-3000, headphones and blue spotlights mixing. | © Plug The Jack

Become a DJ, Hone Your Skills or Unleash Your Set

Are you taking DJ lessons or need to polish your technique before setting the club on fire? At Plug The Jack, you have total freedom! Easily book online for an hour or more, and come work on your set in a self-service studio equipped like in your dreams.

Here you'll find some insane equipment, featuring the CDJ-3000 turntables and the brand new Opus-Quad from Pioneer DJ. Whether you’re in discovery mode or already a pro at mixing, our DJ space in Brussels provides you with the environment and tools to unleash your creativity.

Every voice, every mix, deserves to be heard! So, treat yourself and come mix like a pro at Plug The Jack.

Black and white DJ rehearsal studio, Pioneer CDJ-3000 players, mixing desk. | © Plug The Jack