Book a Music studio, plug in and start creating

Plug The Jack provides modern, seamless and fully automated studios for recording music, rehearsals and production needs for artists or music lovers in general.

Our studios are easily accessible, at democratic rates and flexible hours - the perfect spot for sharing a true passion for music and culture.

Our studios are self-service, easy to use and you are completely autonomous.

Every studio is fully equipped with all the necessary professional gear. All you have to do is to come on in and "Plug The Jack".

Music studio corridor with white walls and doors and black acoustic panels. | © Plug The Jack

Which studios can be booked at Plug The Jack?

There are 21 different music studios at Plug The Jack Brussels. We offer 4 types of studios for you to choose from, depending on your personal project and your musical needs.


black guitar body with copper buttons and arm connecting a jack to the guitar. | © Plug The Jack

What’s in it for our "Jacks"?

We offer state-of-the-art acoustics, design and equipment for the best rehearsal and production experience to all of our artists.

To stay accessible to everyone, we've set up affordable booking rates. The studios can be rented at exceptionally low rates, by the hour or in packages. You can book your studio anytime in just a few clicks through our website. 

You'll immediately receive a personal and fully automated access to the studio of your choice.


singer wearing headphones in front of a microphone in a vocal recording booth. | © Plug The Jack

Hubs of inspiration and creative collaboration

Plug The Jack's mission is to inspire and bring creative people together.

We believe that every voice deserves to be heard and that the tools to promote musical expression should be available to all.

Democratizing and facilitating the access to musical production or recording and cultural or artistic expression, is what we strive for.

Plug The Jack is calling out to all musical artists, musicians, DJs, producers, podcasters, live streamers and performers in general to join us in the creation and sharing of their own artistic work.


Two male artists seated in a recording studio in front of a piano keyboard. | © Plug The Jack

Where are the Plug The Jack studios?

Our very first hub of 21 state-of-the-art studios just opened in Brussels-Woluwe. Soon, more creative hubs will follow throughout Belgium, guaranteeing an easy access to our services wherever you are. 


Plug The Jack building in Brussels, where the phrase 'Every voice deserves to be heard' is inscribed. | © Plug The Jack