Rehearsal studios for Drummers

The perfect place to play Drums without limits

Are you a drummer looking for a space to practice, work on your technique, and perfect your playing without disturbing the neighbors? Look no further, our rehearsal studios are the perfect solution for all drummers who want to practice under optimal conditions. Our premises are perfectly soundproofed and equipped with a complete Tama drum kit with Evans drumheads, providing you with the best possible experience. Here are some reasons why our studios are the perfect place for all drummers.

Rehearsal space with drum set, amps, mixing board, and rug. | © Plug The Jack

A perfectly isolated environment for drumming

Our rehearsal studios are designed to provide optimal acoustic insulation. This means you can play the drums without worrying about disturbing the neighbors or other musicians rehearsing nearby. The soundproofing of our studios allows you to fully focus on your practice and work on your songs in peace and quiet.

Hallway of rehearsal studios with doors and acoustic panels. | © Plug The Jack

High-quality drums & equipment

Each studio is equipped with a complete Tama drum kit, a leading brand in the world of percussion. The Evans drumheads, known for their quality and durability, are installed on each kit to provide you with exceptional sound. You benefit from professional equipment to practice and work on your favorite songs.

Tama Imperial Star drum toms and arms with sticks. | © Plug The Jack

Drum hard, what ever your level

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional, our studios are designed to accommodate all levels of drummers. You will find an environment tailored to your needs, regardless of your skill level. Our studios are also available for drum lessons, workshops, and courses, allowing you to progress even faster and share your experiences with other musicians

A place to enhance musical creativity

Our rehearsal studios offer an ideal setting for letting your creativity run free. Whether you want to work on new compositions, refine your technique, or simply have fun, you will find the inspiration needed to bring your musical projects to life. The freedom to play without constraints allows you to fully immerse yourself in your music and explore new ideas.

Close-up of an aged wood bass neck with drums in the background. | © Plug The Jack