Every voice deserves to be heard

Create your podcast in our professional studios. It's so easy : just Plug and record!

Plug The Jack offers fully equipped podcast studio to record your podcasts with up to 4 participants.

Book your podcast studio in Brussels or in Antwerp and record your stories with professional gear. It's so easy : just plug and record! If you want to film your session for example, no problem, the studios can accommodate up to 6 people.

When it comes to podcasts and reaching the right audience, quality really does matter. Plug The Jack is proud to bring professional podcast studios within reach of all podcasters in Belgium. If you wish to record your session, just book the studio online for the duration of your choice. A fully automated access allows you to enter and work independently. All you need is a laptop or SD card (empty or already formatted on the device) and we'll provide everything else.

Just "Plug The Jack" and start talking - and inspiring others!


Podcast studio with two cheerful hosts around a table equipped with microphones. | © Plug The Jack

Professional equipment to enhance the quality of your Podcast recording

Each studio has professional podcast equipment to help you get the best result out of every session.

  • Interface Rode Rodecaster Pro
  • Shure MV7 podcast microphones
  • Beyerdynamic DT-770 Headphones

Click here for additional details on the specifics of our equipment in the Podcast studios.

Female podcaster in front of a Rodecaster Pro console in a podcast studio. | © Plug The Jack

To make your podcast go viral, focus on acoustics

The vast majority of your podcast's quality of sound depends on the actual acoustics of the room. A quiet and professional environment with the very best sound treatment will allow you to dramatically improve the standard of your recordings.

All our podcast studios benefit from real acoustic insulation and sound treatment to allow you to get the most out of your broadcasts and recording sessions. Every studio is perfectly suited for a single user or multiple guests alike and represents the ultimate podcast, voice recording and radio environment.


Smiling podcaster with headphones and microphone, ready to start a podcast. | © Plug The Jack

A professional approach to start with your podcast

The entire environment and the design of our studios have been studied to allow complete immersion in your podcast sessions.

Both the intensity of your studio lighting and the temperature of the air conditioning are adjustable to your liking. During your breaks and between your recording sessions, our lobby and essential commodities are at your complete disposal.

Follow the link create a podcast, practical guide if you want tips on starting your podcast or making a podcast for the first time.


Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones on desk in podcast studio. | © Plug The Jack