DJM-900NX2 mixing desk, CDJ-3000 players in DJ rehearsal studio with headphones. | © Plug The Jack Plug The Jack DJ studio, CDJ-3000 player, mixing desk, headphones near me. | © Plug The Jack

DJ equipment in our studios

Pioneer CDJ-3000

The CDJ 3000 multiplayer DJ player opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities. This highly professional DJ player offers even more power and absolute stability and reliability thanks to the brand new MPU (microprocessor unit). The audio design has also been improved to deliver optimum sound with an internal 96kHz/32bit floating resolution for all playable audio formats.

Pioneer CDJ-3000 player for DJ classes, top view in studio near me. | © Plug The Jack

Pioneer DJM-A9 & DJM-900 Nexus 1 & 2

In our studios you'll be able to work on the very best and newest Pioneer 4 channel DJ mixers : The DJm-A9 or the DJM-900NX2. The DJM-900 NX2 is a professional 4-channel DJ mixer with 64-bit processor. In addition to a more detailed sound, Generation's second version of this popular club mixer features improved EQ, fader curves and a revised gain structure. Plus, more control in the sound color FX section, independent send/return, advanced beat FX section, frequency FX and multiple USB inputs. With Pioneer's DJM-900NXS2, which includes DVS support, you have an extremely flexible DJ mixer that is perfectly suited for any professional use.

Pioneer DJM-900 NX2 DJ mixing desk, learn to mix like in clubs at DJ studio. | © Plug The Jack

DB Technologies Opera 12 speakers

The DB Technologies Opera 12 speakers are an exceptional choice for any quality-conscious DJ studio. These 12-inch active speakers are renowned for their clear and powerful sound, while delivering deep bass, making them an ideal choice for precise mixing and immersive listening.

Their features, including Class D amplification, extended frequency response, and flexible adjustment options, make these speakers an indispensable ally for demanding DJs.

Whether you're refining your mixes or bringing your creations to life, the DB Technologies Opera 12 will provide you with high-level sound and audio performance.

Wall-mounted DB Opera 12 active speaker in DJ studio room near me. | © Plug The Jack