Recording equipment in our studios

Focusrite Claret 4Pre USB Sound interface

This sound card is the central element of your recording studio. With its great versatility and professional level recording and playback quality, the Focusrite Clarett 4Pre USB sound card is certainly one of the most multifaceted sound cards currently available on the market. This is the best USB interface in terms of latency and will have a major impact on the quality of your work during your recording and monitoring sessions. Compatible with Apple and PC, you can easily download any required drive or the actual Focusrite software from the official website.

The quality of the preamps is excellent and the sound card renders vocal and instrument recordings with optimum fidelity and little noise or distortion. It has 4 microphone inputs with phantom power and 4 line inputs, allowing you to record several voices and instruments simultaneously.

The audio signal can be sent to your external monitors or to your effects processors (delay, reverb, compression) via the 4 balanced TRS outputs. It comes with two headphone outputs and MIDI input and output ports.

Focusrite Clarett+ 4pre audio interface used for audio production and recording. | © Plug The Jack

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Headphone

With their impedance of 80 ohms, the Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80 closed-back dynamic headphones allow optimal control and monitoring. These headphones are the standard in most well known studios around the world. The impedance was chosen in recording studios to combine the best of fidelity with true comfort intensity while listening. The DT-770 offers excellent dynamic rendering and precision.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 headphones in recording studio. | © Plug The Jack

SE Electronics 2300 Microphone

With its very high sensitivity and a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz, the sE2300 is an omnidirectional cardioid microphone directly descended from the famous sE Electronics 2200A. Its three polar patterns give it a very rich and versatile sound. This microphone has an attenuation pad and a high pass filter that allow it to adapt to most recording situations.

The sE2300 delivers a classic, rich and open sound and can handle up to 145 dB of sound pressure. Capable of withstanding impressive sound pressure levels and quieter than most microphones, the sE2300 is definitely the perfect match for our recording studios.

SE Electronics 2300 microphone for vocal recording in music studio. | © Plug The Jack

Focal Alpha 65 EVO Monitors

Thanks to the Focal Alpha 65 Evo monitors, you will be able to capture the smallest details of the mix, no matter which style of music you are working on. With their high current capacity, they have full control over the signal and can be played at high volume without causing any distortion.

These highly professional and versatile monitors are equipped with two Class-D amplifiers and a 1/4” (6.35mm) TRS input, in addition to analog XLR and RCA inputs.

Focal Alpha 65 EVO active monitor in audio production studio. | © Plug The Jack

Novation Impulse 61 Keyboard

With its 61 semi-weighted keys with aftertouch and extensive MIDI keyboard, the Novation Impulse 61 is the preferred companion to most producers and composers. It features performance pads and rotary knobs as well as essential MIDI controls.

Recording studio with vocal booth, microphone, audio monitoring desk, and Focusrite sound card. | © Plug The Jack