Rock band rehearsing and singer in a music rehearsal studio. | © Plug The Jack Rehearsal room with drum set, amps, and mixing board. | © Plug The Jack

Rehearsal equipment in the studios

Tama Imperial Star acoustic drum

The Tama Imperialstar is an excellent acoustic drum kit for any rehearsal space. It sounds truly amazing and gives a wonderful feeling when playing. You’ll notice that these drums almost sing when you hear them in the rehearsal studio. It is the ideal drum kit, even for an experienced professional. The toms have a very warm sound and the snare drum is bright while still maintaining a nice thud, even when tuned low.

Complete Drum Set elements with evans or Remo drumheads:

  • Bass drum 22 "x16 or 20"x16
  • Tom 10 "x07
  • Tom 12 "x08
  • Floor tom 16 "x15")
  • Snare drum 14 "x05 "P
  • Straight cymbal stand
  • Cymbal pole stand
  • Hi-hat pedal

Meinl HCS bronze cymbals (14", Crash 16", Ride 20" hi-hat cymbals)  

EVANS EMAD (Snare) and ECS2 (Toms) skins and E-Mad Reso (Bass drum) (or Remo equivalent)

Toms of a Tama Imperial Star drum set in a rehearsal room. | © Plug The Jack

Guitar Combo Boss Katana 100 MKII

We chose the MkII as standard equipment for all our studios as it offers a lot of control for guitarists to shape their sound and get the best out of their tone in this all-in-one combo. This 100W guitar amp features five different amp characters that open up to a large variety of genres. Feel free to explore its different ranges and to adjust it to your favourite set-up.  

Guitar amp Boss MK2 in a band rehearsal space. | © Plug The Jack

Bass Guitar amplifier : combo Fender Rumble 500 or 200

The Fender Rumble is a fantastic bass guitar amplifier that delivers great power. Designed for every bassist, it's even more suited to more experienced players - this amp is really made for gigging. The bass combo has incredible features (switchable horns and front porting, providing great directionally forward sound). It's bound to make the job easier for any bassist. Paired with the quality of the Fender sound, you’ll be able to configure your sound in many different ways.

Bass amp Fender Rumble 200 in a music rehearsal studio. | © Plug The Jack

Yamaha MG10 XUF Mixing console

This Firewire/USB/mLAN mixing console is of remarkable quality. With its potentiometers and solid metal shell, it gives you truly excellent Class-A preamps. Easy to use in a live setting, it reproduces the sound with real precision, without breath or altering frequencies. This mixer can also be used as an external sound card during your live sound recordings. It has an effects processor with 24 programs (chorus, delay, reverb..).

Yamaha MG10 mixing board in a music rehearsal studio. | © Plug The Jack

Yamaha P-145 stage keyboard

Yamaha is the undoubted leader on the market for acoustic and digital pianos. They remain a safe bet, no matter the level of the player using it. The P-45 features an adjustable GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) system, which provides a touch similar to that of acoustic pianos.

It has an 88-note weighted keyboard, allowing you to explore each octave's rich colours. It also offers a polyphonic capacity of 64 voices and 10 excellent quality instrument sounds. Four different levels of sensitivity give you more possibilities during your interpretations. There is a USB socket and several integrated and configurable effects (reverbs and chorus).

Hands on a stage piano in a band rehearsal space. | © Plug The Jack

dB Technologies Opera 12

These powerful active speakers guarantee a remarkable performance and pristine quality of reproduction, ideal for any rehearsal.

DB Opera 12 speakers in a music rehearsal room. | © Plug The Jack