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27 affordable Music studios in Antwerp

Fully Equipped DJ Studios open to all in Antwerp

  • High-quality DJ equipment: Double or triple deck setup with Pioneer CDJ-3000 multiplayers and DJM-A9 mixers.
  • Optimal acoustics: Immersive DJ experience with customizable LED lighting.
  • 7/7 availability: Accessible to anyone with an entrance code, both beginners and professionals.
  • Great location in Antwerp: Located near het Eilandje and close to the center of Antwerp. Easily accessible via public transport and bicycle.


BOOK your DJ studio in Antwerp

Located in the heart of Antwerp, Plug The Jack's self-service DJ studios are a central player in the city's rich and diverse music culture.

Like the great capital Brussels, Antwerp offers a unique and thriving environment for Djs to hone their art, surrounded by record shops, festivals, clubs, DJ collectives and innovative music initiatives.

Plug The Jack DJ studio, CDJ-3000 player, mixing desk, headphones near me. | © Plug The Jack

Antwerp's passionate DJ community

Within the walls of Plug The Jack, the passion for music blends seamlessly with the vibrant spirit of Antwerp's DJ community. 

Whether it's an aspiring DJ looking to refine his mixing skills, record DJ sets or to master his material, Plug The Jack's studios are accessible seven days a week.

Woman in front of Pioneer CDJ-3000 players in DJ music studio with lights near me. | © Plug The Jack

Antwerp's explosive DJ scene

Antwerp's music scene is an explosion of creativity, home to renowned festivals, eclectic clubs and a huge number of underground events that shape the city's musical identity.

The chance to connect with fellow DJs and engage with the local music scene is a unique aspect offered by Plug The Jack. The numerous collaboration opportunities in Antwerp create an atmosphere where the passion for mixing can really shine.

Renowned festivals such as Tomorrowland, Full Circle Antwerp and the leading underground concept Klub Dramatik contribute to the city's reputation as a growing music paradise.

Man in DJ studio room with CDJ-3000, headphones and blue spotlights mixing. | © Plug The Jack

Various DJ studios accessible to everyone in Antwerp

Plug The Jack's commitment to accessibility aligns with the inclusive nature of Antwerp's music culture. These studios offer affordable rates and welcome emerging artists and seasoned professionals alike.

The studios provide a dedicated workspace for everyone and ensure that Antwerp's dynamic DJ culture remains open to all levels of experience. 

The city's diverse record shops, festivals, clubs and initiatives combine to form a sonic landscape where Antwerp's beats resonate far beyond the confines of Plug The Jack's studios, reflecting the dynamic rhythms of the city's vibrant music culture.

Black and white DJ rehearsal studio, Pioneer CDJ-3000 players, mixing desk. | © Plug The Jack

Location of Plug The Jack Studios Antwerp

Located near het Eilandje and close to the center of Antwerp, our studio naturally integrates with the vibrant energy of these distinctive areas.

This unique location opens the door for musicians, producers and DJs to actively participate in the vast musical scene that Antwerp has to offer.

In short, Plug The Jack's location is a thoughtful choice to create a relationship between the studio and Antwerp's music culture.

Music studio corridor with white walls and doors and black acoustic panels. | © Plug The Jack