Woman at CDJ-3000 players and couple mixing in DJ recording studio with lights near me. | © Plug The Jack Couple at mixing desk in DJ recording studio, woman with headphones, man watching. | © Plug The Jack
CDJ-3000 studio starting 12€/h

book your self-service DJ studio in Brussels

Located in the heart of Brussels, our self-service DJ studios are equipped with the best available equipment and offer exceptional acoustics. You can work without limits with the new Pioneer CDJ-3000 multi-players and push the bass without disturbing the neighbors. Our DJ studios in Brussels are rentable by the hour at rates accessible to everyone.

Plug The Jack DJ studio, CDJ-3000 player, mixing desk, headphones near me. | © Plug The Jack

Brussels' passionate community of DJs

At Plug The Jack, we share your passion for music and understand the importance of a space dedicated to musical creation.

Whether you want to improve your mixing skills, record professional DJ sets, prepare your next set, or perfect your mastery of the equipment, our studios are there for you whenever you want, 7 days a week.

They will allow you to practice and work on your mixes to make them unique and impactful.

Woman in front of Pioneer CDJ-3000 players in DJ music studio with lights near me. | © Plug The Jack

An explosive DJ scene in Brussels

By coming to Plug The Jack, you will have the opportunity to connect with other DJs and the local music scene in Brussels. The Belgian capital is renowned for its dynamic and diverse music scene and offers numerous opportunities for collaboration with other artists and participation in exciting musical events.

Whether in trendy clubs, renowned festivals, or underground parties, Brussels offers a unique environment to let your mixing passion shine.

Man in DJ studio room with CDJ-3000, headphones and blue spotlights mixing. | © Plug The Jack

DJ Studios accessible to all

At Plug The Jack, we are committed to making the DJ experience accessible to everyone. We offer affordable rates that allow you to rent a well-equipped DJ studio without breaking the bank.

Whether you're an aspiring DJ looking to progress, an emerging artist wanting to refine your craft, or an experienced professional needing a dedicated workspace, our studios are open to all levels of experience.

Black and white DJ rehearsal studio, Pioneer CDJ-3000 players, mixing desk. | © Plug The Jack

Join the Plug The Jack DJ community in Brussels

We invite you to join the DJ community at Plug The Jack in Brussels and let your music resonate in the Belgian capital. Whether you are a resident of Brussels or a music-loving visitor, we are delighted to welcome you.

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