Man and woman creating a podcast in a modern podcast studio with microphones and computer. | © Plug The Jack
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Create your podcasts in our studios in Antwerp

  • Top recording equipment for podcasters: Rodcaster Pro recorder - 4 Shure Microphones - 4 Beyerdynamic headphones.
  • Optimal acoustics: For a pleasant experience with space to record podcasts with video as desired.
  • Available 7/7: Accessible to everyone with a passcode, catering to both beginners and professionals in the Antwerp scene.
  • Great Location in Antwerp: Located near the city center with easy accessibilty via public transport and bicycle.
Podcast studio plug the jack

Plug The Jack Podcast Studios in Antwerp

Situated in the heart of this dynamic city, our studios will play a crucial role in shaping the local music scene. Step into Antwerp's vibrant media culture with Plug The Jack podcast studios.

Whether you're an experienced podcaster or someone looking to start livestreams at Plug The Jack, you'll find the perfect setting.

Podcast studio with two cheerful hosts around a table equipped with microphones. | © Plug The Jack

The Passionate Community of Antwerp's city

Plug The Jack transforms into a hotbed of creativity, where both aspiring producers and seasoned artists come together to create their musical masterpieces.

Within our studios, the walls meld with the passionate spirit of Antwerp's media community. Our studios are open 7/7, accessible to everyone at every level.

Female podcaster in front of a Rodecaster Pro console in a podcast studio. | © Plug The Jack

Diverse Podcast Studios for Everyone

Whether you're a beginner looking to grow, an emerging talent with ambition or a seasoned veteran, our studios are designed to meet everyone's needs.

At affordable prices, we welcome everyone, ensuring that Antwerp's music culture remains accessible to all levels of creativity.


Smiling podcaster with headphones and microphone, ready to start a podcast. | © Plug The Jack

Location of Plug The Jack podcast studios in Antwerp

Our studios are situated in the area close the het MAS and het Eilandje, at a few minutes from the city center of Antwerp.

In the heart of these musical hubs, musicians, producers, DJs, podcasters, and content creators can actively participate in and contribute to the dynamic music scene of the city.

The studio acts as a central link between creative talents and the pulsating heartbeat of Antwerp's diverse musical landscape.

The location serves as a base, allowing musicians to explore and embrace the rich artistic textures of Antwerp while creating their unique sound within the world of Plug The Jack.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones on desk in podcast studio. | © Plug The Jack