audience attending a festival in Belgium audience attending a festival in Belgium

In Rhythm with Belgium: A Tour of the Country's Must-See Festivals

As a musician, you are undoubtedly a fan of festivals, open stages, concerts, and other major events that fuel your creativity. Below, we have listed a selection of the most important festivals in our flat country, which we have grouped by month of the year.

Belgian Festivals of May:

  • Groezrock (Meerhout): A punk and hardcore festival, Groezrock attracts fans of aggressive and energetic music in early May.

Belgian Festivals of June:

  • Festival Retropop (Emmen): In early June, Retropop features icons of music from past decades as well as current talents.
  • Paradise City Festival (Near Brussels): In mid-June, Paradise City combines electronic music with an eco-responsible approach.
  • Graspop Metal Meeting (Dessel): In June, a must-see for fans of metal, hard rock, and punk.
  • Couleur Café (Brussels): At the end of June, this festival offers a wide range of music with a particular focus on world music and soul.
  • Festival Francofolies de Spa (Spa): At the end of June, focusing on French-speaking music.

Belgian Festivals of July:

  • Rock Werchter (Near Leuven): In early July, it offers a mix of rock and alternative music.
  • Les Ardentes (Liège): In early July, it highlights artists of various genres such as hip-hop, rock, and electronic music.
  • Cactus Festival (Bruges): In mid-July, it offers an eclectic program of rock, pop, and electronic music.
  • Dour Festival (Dour): In mid-July, it is renowned for its wide range of music genres, including electronic, hip-hop, and reggae.
  • Tomorrowland (Boom): At the end of July, famous for its breathtaking stage production and electronic music lineup.
  • Sfinks Mixed (Boechout): At the end of July, Sfinks Mixed is focused on world music and diverse cultures.
  • Lokerse Feesten (Lokeren): Late July/early August, this festival offers a varied program mixing rock, pop, and electronic music.

Belgian Festivals of August:

  • Reggae Geel (Geel): In August, focusing on reggae with international and local artists.
  • Antilliaanse Feesten (Hoogstraten): Mid-August, dedicated to Caribbean and Latin music.
  • Pukkelpop (Hasselt): In mid-August, known for its diverse lineup ranging from rock to pop, including electronic and hip-hop.
  • Alcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival (Kortrijk): In mid-August, dedicated to hard rock and metal genres.
  • Laundry Day (Antwerp): Early September, an electronic music festival with renowned DJs and a young crowd.

Belgian Festivals of September:

  • FiestaCity (Verviers): Late August/early September, showcasing a wide range of music genres.
  • Leffingeleuren (Leffinge): In mid-September, featuring emerging talents and established artists of different genres.
  • Bear Rock Festival (Andenne): In September, offers a mix of rock, punk, and alternative music.
  • Meakusma Festival (Eupen): In mid-September, focused on experimental electronic music, jazz, and avant-garde music.
  • Absolutely Free Festival (Genk): Early September, known for being eco-responsible and offering a variety of genres.

Belgian Festivals of October:

  • I Love Techno Europe (Ghent): In October, dedicated to lovers of electronic music, especially techno.

Belgian Festivals of December:

  • Gent Jazz Festival (Ghent): In December, showcasing a wide range of jazz performances.

Of course, there are many more festivals and concerts that we could have mentioned, but we needed a starting point. Belgium, with its rich musical and cultural tradition, offers you a multitude of festivals throughout the year. Whether you are the type to vibrate to the sound of metal, be carried away by reggae rhythms, or explore the realms of electronic music, there is something for you.